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3 new Scripts

This week I have 3 new scripts in my stores.
All 3 scripts are great, to create unique elements or backgrounds.
They all have build in a random function, so you will never get the same result, even if all settings are the same.

I love scripting with random functions, it’s a fun to play with it!


With Bingo Cards, you can create great elements for your kits, but they are also printable and can be used for Playing Bingo with your frinds!



Both overlay creators are great for creating unique backgrounds for your kits or elements! Play with different colors or the text settings, you will be surprised about the results!

Get it @ Scrap-Wishes | ComUse | PSD | DSD | Scriptz R us

Micki in Scripte.
11. Mai 2013 um 08:54

Buy my Scripts Deal


This is the greatest offer I have had!

Now you can get all my scripts (at the moment more than 330 scripts – worth more than 1000,00 EUR) for only 100,00 EUR 50,00 EUR!
This offer is only avaiable a few days and only at Scrap-Wishes!

Look, what you all can get!

Micki in Scripte.
03. Mai 2013 um 10:38

QRCode Creator


This script creates a qr code with your choosen colors.
At the end you can choose, if you want to put up a text too.

The ready images are for decoration only, they are not readable with qr code readers!

I love this little images, and I think they are a great decoration tool.

Get it @
Scrap-Wishes | ComUse | PSD | DSD | Scriptz R us

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Micki in CU, Scripte.
30. April 2013 um 08:18