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interNational Scrapbooking Day


Morgen ist international Scrapbooking Day, und das ist natürlich ein Grund zu feiern!
Darum gibt es meine Produkte in allen meinen Stores an diesem Wochenende mit 40% Rabatt!

Tomorrow is international Scrapbooking Day, and I want to celebrate with you!
You can get the whole weekend my products in all my stores with 40% off!

Get it @
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Micki in Fundgrube.
03. Mai 2013 um 10:21

QRCode Creator


This script creates a qr code with your choosen colors.
At the end you can choose, if you want to put up a text too.

The ready images are for decoration only, they are not readable with qr code readers!

I love this little images, and I think they are a great decoration tool.

Get it @
Scrap-Wishes | ComUse | PSD | DSD | Scriptz R us

Micki in CU, Scripte.
30. April 2013 um 08:18

Some New CU & CU4CU

I have created some new CU and CU4CU products this week.

Summer is coming, and you need sun glasses…. Use my shapes to create your own unique sunglasses. The shapes comes in two different versions, and each pack contains the shapes for use in Photoshop and in PSP. Each shape is included as png for use in other graphoc programms.



My new watercolor styles are CU4Cu too, but you can use them with Photoshop only.
Use them to create your own watercolor elements


Then I have new Cu products, one pack contains 10 crinkled cardstocl papers, they are really good to create your own papers or elements.


Andd at least I have a set of stamped alphabet brushes for Photoshop. Again, all 26 letters are included as png files too.


Get it @
Scrap-Wishes | ComUse | PSD | DSD

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Micki in CU, CU4CU.
27. April 2013 um 10:09