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This week I have two new CU products

First some gesso styles, you can use them to create your own gesso elements.
Gesso elements are a really great addition for your mixed media projects.


And then I have created some gesso bits:


Use them, as they are, or put them on your papers, to create great background papers.

Get it @
Scrap-Wishes | ComUse | PSD |DSD

Micki in CU.
13. April 2013 um 21:27

Art Journaling

I’ve seen this impressioned images so much and I love it! Now I have created my first own Art Journaling, and it’s so funny and easy! I love it!


Credit:  Artful Intentions: She Wears Wings by Captivated Visions!

Micki in bastelkram.
13. April 2013 um 20:56


I love doilies! They are a great addition to each kit, you can use them in so many ways…. And therefore I have created some doilies.

First I have created doily shapes, sure as always my shapes are saved as csh file for Photoshop and as PspShape for use in Paint Shop Pro.
And if you don’t use PSP or Photoshop, each shape is avaiable as png file.


I have created 2 brush-packs too – grunged doilies, and inversed doilies…. Use them to create papers or use them to decorate your layouts, mix it to your liking.



Get it @
Scrap-Wishes | ComUse | PSD | DSD

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Micki in Krimskrams.
07. April 2013 um 09:46